Message from Mother Nature

Below is a message I was given by Mother Nature on December 8, 2005. While we have already moved through this time and evolved into the new, higher energy of 2006, I found that looking back on where we've just been has helped me to see this new time with greater clarity.

Message from Mother Nature

As you step into this new energy of December, you are beginning to see a clearer picture of the energy of the New Earth. You have spent the past few months shedding old patterns that no longer serve you. Now, you have a greater determination than ever before to move forward in your healing. You are beginning to see the path you must take with greater clarity. You can see that the path you must take is the path of your heart, of your truth. Edging around your truth is not working as well as it has in the past, because there is a greater need now to walk and talk what you've always been feeling in your heart.

It is important to remember that you are not alone. You are always accompanied by the unseen forces, and you are connected to other lightworkers through a web of love. This web strengthens every day. You can feel it now as a part of this new energy. In truth, the web of love is what has built the new level of vibration that you can now move into. You have built and strengthened this web together. Collectively, you have created this new level with your intentions. This is the power of your collective thought. This is how you are doing the shift. Those of us on this side of the veil can guide you as to the prevailing energies of the time, we can assist with building potential energy for you to experience within, but we cannot do the journey of shifting for you. We cannot create these new levels of consciousness for you or decide which dates will mark the transitions, it has to come as a response to a collective agreement by human lightworkers. See, then, what you have created, the wonder of it? And from this level, you will create the next. All of these events are happening because of a choice by human lightworkers to take the energy to the next level. It is a result of the collective thoughts of the lightworkers that are setting the pace for the shift.

Your prayers and meditations, your healing and clearing work, are strengthening the web of love. As each heart begins to heal, the web of love gets brighter and stronger. The web gives strength to those who choose to draw upon its deep well of love and healing. The third-dimensional world around you in the coming year will continue to be increasingly concerned over the environment and the weather, and the emotional issues of war and ethics. The emotions of the masses are experiencing a healing, and the place you will see more people coming to for healing is the web of love. The web of love is a place beyond the duality of the experiences of the third-dimensional Earth. Here, people will find balance and understanding, and a broader view that will help them move through their healing with greater ease and grace. The third-dimensional Earth will be going through lessons for the masses, while simultaneously the web of love is building the New Earth from the healing experiences of the collective consciousness of the emotional body of the planet. Awaken your healing abilities and trust your inner knowing, continue to find your truth and your heart's path, continue to love yourself more fully than you ever have before. Find the balance in any situation, the point of view that trinitizes and balances the extremes.


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