A Letter to Awakening Humans

I hope you enjoy this message from the angelic realm to awakening humans. I'm publishing the intro here in the blog... the full text is available by clicking the "...more" link at the end.

And so it is, dear friends, we have heard your call. We have heard your prayers, we have felt your pain, and we know your confusion. That is why we bring this message to you. It has found its way to you on the wind. It’s found its way to you through your processes – you might call the Internet – through a friend who has given this to you, or perhaps strictly what appears to be at random, but we have heard your call and your prayer. We have come to answer.

I am Tobias of the Crimson Council, an angelic order that’s here to work with teachers of consciousness both on Earth and in the other realms. I join together today with the angelic beings who come from a place of love and compassion to support you and to love you.

We also bring together this message from a group of human angels. They are in human form on Earth right now, but they are indeed angels. They have been exploring consciousness and Spirit and God for eons of time. They are physically embodied on Earth right now. They could be your next door neighbors, your family members or friends, perhaps people you don’t even know. But they are on Earth right now serving as a new type of teacher and a guide. They have been exploring the realms of new consciousness and New Energy and the whole concept of ‘I Am,’ which means Spirit, God, integrated with self on Earth.

We gather together the energies of the angels, of Spirit and of this group on Earth called Shaumbra, to bring this message to you in answer to your call.

You’re going through a spiritual awakening process. The awakening process can be challenging, it can be deceiving, and it can be beautiful all at the same time.

You know you’re going through a spiritual awakening process when you begin to question things that you’ve never questioned before, when you begin to question why you’re here on Earth, what is the meaning of life, what is it that you should be doing right now.

You know you’re going through an awakening process when the way you solved problems in the past doesn’t seem to work anymore, and when you know that there’s more to life but you can’t seem to put your finger on it. You know there’s a greater way, but you don’t know what that is. You know you’re ready to go into a whole new level of living and understanding, but you don’t know how to get there.

You’re going through an awakening process when you feel yourself withdrawing into you, when you feel yourself starting to not want so much external activity, when you don’t need the stimulation or the drama that you’ve had in the past.

You’re going through the awakening process when, in your quiet moments, perhaps late at night, you call out to God not knowing if there even is a God, at least in the old way. You call out for the higher being or the higher power somewhere out there. And you give a message totally from your heart, from the truest part of your being – “Dear Spirit, dear God, I’m ready.” From the truth of your being you say, “Dear Spirit, dear Eternal One, I am willing to do anything but I don’t know what it is I should do.”

You know you’re going through an awakening process where all of the old beliefs don’t seem to be so true anymore, and the things that you held so near and dear to you now seem like memories of the past, the ways of the past. You know you’re going through an awakening process when the things that used to be the dreams and the goals, the desires of the human self no longer truly matter, but you don’t know what matters anymore.

If you’re listening to this or reading this or have been touched by it in some way, we’re here to tell you that you are not alone. There are angelic beings who are with you right now – not some time in the future, not some time in the past that you don’t remember so well – but right now. With a simple breath, the doorway opens for us to be close to you, to love you, to remind you of your angelic origins, to let you know that we have the greatest compassion and love for you. You are not alone.

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Being Elven

Below I've quoted a comment from Miriam that she posted to my last blog entry. It's great and I wanted to share it with everyone.

It is so interesting for me to look back on my childhood and see the 'unusual' things I did, now in the light of being Elven. So many things make sense now. I'm fascinated that others have similar feelings. Though I feel far from 'home,' I am not really far from my kin.

From Miriam:
That is very interesting point.. The elven heritage.
I have also been told that I have some elvish(or other worldly) characteristics in me. I used to take those comments as insults. But when I grew up I learned that those "weird" streaks are part of who I am. Part of my elvish heritage.

The most prominent physical features I have are all "elvish". e.g large almond shaped eyes, pronounced cheekbones, very long and thin fingers and pointish ears. And when I was a child I knew I was different from other children at my age. At school I didn´t play with other children but ran instead to the woods near by to talk to a huge bird-cherry tree. :) He was my best friend at the time. He knew all my troubles and secrets.

I have always been very artistic and seek beauty everywhere. Especially the beauty of the nature and the night sky with stars constellations has inspired me very much.
I´m also fascinated by the magick, astronomy and use of healing crystals.

Fairytales are mostly based on truth because they come from the collective conciousness of humankind.
So there are people who are elvish and some are trolls, fairies, vampires and many, many more. ^^
Only few have discovered it yet because modern world with all hustle and bustle makes it hard for a person to discover their true self.

-Miriam V.


What does it mean to be "Elven"?

It has been a long time since I've posted here. A comment on one of my posts came in today, and it reminded me that I would like to post here more often.

One question I hear a lot, and something that I'm always thinking about myself, is how does one know if they are "Elven"? Are there things that distinguish someone with Elven heritage from another person with no particular Elven connection?

For me, it has been simply a knowing of the truth of my Elven heritage. I can feel it to the depths of my soul. I was also blessed to have a Master Guide whom I love and trust very much, awaken those Elven memories within me. When he suggested that I had Elven heritage, it hit me like a tidal wave. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was true, and my whole life up to that point suddenly made sense.

Things that began to make more sense were things like how I've always talked to trees and plants, how I've loved to spend time in contemplation alone in nature, and my love of Lord of the Rings and the King Arthur tales. There were other personality traits that when I looked at them again, suddenly seemed like echoes and memories from lifetimes of experiences.

I believe there are many ways an incarnate Elve might chose to express his or her human aspect in this lifetime, and there are not really specific qualities that are "Elven." Though, I bet many of you Elves do love nature, can speak with plants, crystals, rocks or animals, understand Elvish language and love Lord of the Rings. I'm also guessing that many of you can speak to Elven spirit guides and feel their presence with you. I believe that these guides are often friends and family that we have known in the Elven world and they are ready to be of assistance to us should we ask.

There is one Elven trait I do know of, and that is the almond-shaped eyes. Many Elves incarnate here on Earth will still carry this design of eyes. They are known as Elven healing eyes.


Message from the Elven Council of Antasia

The changes you are seeing on your Earth right now are unprecedented. We wish to make a special point about this now, because you are going to see a tipping of the balance towards the light.

The healing that has not been completed will present itself at this time for completion. In the past, you were able to let problems lie until they could be better dealt with some time in the future. The future has now arrived.

As each healing opportunity presents itself, you will feel pressed to bring it to completion. Your higher self is aware of the nearness to the Great Shift, and is pressing upon you to finalize your loose ends, to bring forth your abundance and your dreams. Place your dreams in the forefront of your actions, and shine the light of love on them.

We wish to urge you to action at this time. A lot of weaving has been done in the higher realms and within your mental and emotional bodies. The energy is now available to bring it down into the physical world.

For this reason, as you have already been witnessing, your thoughts are able to manifest more and more quickly. When you see how each and every one of your thoughts manifests into your reality, you realize that you, and no one else, are the creator of your own world. There is nowhere to place blame when things do not happen as you'd like them to. Nothing outside of you has any influence on you unless you decide it will be so. You are blessed with the ability to create your world in exactly the way you see fit. You will attract helpers to you who will be there to help make your thoughts into reality, so choose to focus on the creative and empowering thoughts. Gently release any thought that no longer supports your dreams and evolution.

Your actions will draw helpers to you like a magnet. While your thoughts do govern your actions, nothing like action will get the attention of your guides as well as your human angels, who will rush to your assistance when they see the passion you are putting forth.

Speak the truth. In times of great inner and outer changes, your truth may change. Allow yourself a moment to think before you speak, and ask yourself if your words are in alignment with who you are now. Thoughts you had yesterday may not resonate with the new understandings you have come to today. With your words you are also a powerful creator.

Into the temple of your body, breathe light and love. Feel as each cell radiates light with crystalline clarity. Take in foods that nourish you and give you energy. Sugar and stimulants will cause your energy to rise and fall. Nutritious, light and live foods will give your body the even, long-lasting energy that will sustain you best during this time.

Give thanks for this time of healing, and love and honor yourself for the changes you are going through. Be good to your body, feelings, and thoughts, and open yourself to receive this goodness in return. Nurture your spiritual body with meditation and prana breathing. Fill yourself with light, and know you are free to create your world as you wish.


Pebble Beach

This is the beautiful 'Pebble Beach' on Oak Creek where I live. I spend as much time as possible here each day, writing, thinking, and basking in the sun. Pebble Beach is a sacred place, where I can sit quietly and listen to the songs of the wind and the water. Sometimes I am blessed by a visit from the Great Blue Heron or the Bald Eagle.


Message from Mother Nature - "I AM"

Message from Mother Nature through Kirelinn
January 31, 2006


Though you have collectively stepped into a new energy and a higher level of vibration, it may continue to appear that some of your old lessons are still unresolved. Issues may continue to come up for some time that are reminiscent of experiences and growth you have done in the past. Think of these now like echoes of your previous experiences. It does not mean you still have more to learn; instead, this is the time when all tools are known and available to you. You have everything you need based on all of the knowledge you have within your higher self. If a lesson reappears that you thought you had already healed, then now is the time to take that old issue and see how it reflects against your new level of awareness. See what effect the different tools in your toolkit have on it. How does it resonate with the Truth you now carry? What new understanding can you see reflected in this experience? Once you apply your toolkit to the recurring problem, you will see how far you've come in your evolution. You will know in which ways you are complete or incomplete with that lesson. You can then find the trinity of balance within the issue, and let it go.

If an issue continues to recur, all that may be missing from the healing and completion is for you to say: "I AM healed from that experience. I no longer need that lesson in my life. I have all the tools I need to solve the issue. I AM seeing through a new lens, with greater clarity and fuller love, because I have already evolved into a greater love for myself, I have already evolved through the challenge of that lesson and I AM now healed."

The last piece of the puzzle in your healing may simply be to say: "I AM healed." Say it out loud, even if a part of you feels you can't believe it right now, because simply saying the statement aloud in itself is a healing.

Many of you find yourself wanting to change direction. The issues and fears that may arise during this transition are only reflections or symptoms of this inter-space of change. They may simply be a fear of the unknown. Make clear, passionate "I AM" statement and let your choices be known to Creation. As you affirm your healing, doors will open that will present new opportunities for you.

Now is the time for you to complete all of the 'old lessons' that keep cropping up. It does not have to be difficult -- it can be a very simple matter. Resolving issues now will make your transition to your new awareness more smooth. Whether it's completing your business in one location before physically moving to another, or whether it's leaving old, detrimental thought patterns behind in order to make room for a new way of thinking, the process is the same: Make a statement in the Now that affirms your completion, and holding to your Truth, apply the tools from your higher knowledge to any imbalances that remain.

Have faith that you are headed in the direction of your passions, as your thoughts will create your world at a much quicker pace now You cannot be delayed or stopped as you have allowed yourself to be in the past. There are no barriers to your energies now. You are truly free to create. You are also free to experience the fullness of your creations, and see them to the completions that you intend. It is only left now for you to say: "I AM THAT I AM." It is your birthright of incarnation, and you have earned the right to evolve through your challenges by the very nature of your light and existence on this planet at this time.

Go fully into your passions. Do not look back, do not stumble again over rocks you have already turned over. They may appear to be new rocks in your path, but as you will see they are only reflections, memories, or echoes of past illusionary experiences or healing that has already been completed.

If your physical body is experiencing discomfort, the sure knowing in your heart that "I AM already healed" will bring this healing to bear in your physical world. Indeed, all pain, whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, is a reflection of an issue that has not been run through your complete toolkit yet. Ask yourself what tools you may have yet overlooked. Know that the pain resulted from an imbalance in your past. In the Now moment, there may be no stimulus for this illness, yet it is still held within your thoughts and therefore is manifest in your cellular consciousness and your present experience. Know that in this Now moment, you are already healed, as the Creator Light constantly forgives us in each moment anew.

If you're experiencing fear or imbalance anywhere in your four body system, make an affirming statement of "I AM," and then have faith that the healing is already on its way. When we hear a genuine statement from a person who is searching for their own healing, then that instant, we have already set the healing in motion. A message of light and love is already on its way, instantaneously. It is only then for the hearer to hear it. The receiver of the healing only has to decide to say "I AM healed," and the healing begins to enter their system. The amount of time it takes to heal is dependent on how many experiences the healee wants to experience before she completes the healing process altogether. This may be a time when she revisits the old lessons, runs them through her toolkit, and completes them. She has as much illusionary time to do this as she desires without judgment from our side. You are all free to create your own experiences and you have the leisure of a time system that is flexible to your own needs and desires.

Follow the truth of your heart of hearts. Run any fears, lessons, or imbalances through your vast toolkit of higher understanding. Know with certainty the truth of "I AM," and you cannot help but manifest all you desire.


Drow Elve

This is an image of a Drow Elve. The Drow have white hair and black skin, and their realm is the dark and night. They live underground. At one time, their race tried to take over the whole of the Elven world, almost destroying it completely in a great war. Many of the Drow have now peacefully rejoined the Elven societies, though they maintain their own separate society within it.

Alchemy and the White Wizard

This is a message I received from the White Wizard on December 19, 2005. I had intended to dialog with the Drow Elves about how I could move through a stuck place in my healing journey, but when I contacted the Drow in meditation, I also saw a wizard sitting among the council. He had a (sort of stereotypical) long white beard and long white hair. When speaking with the Drow, I usually find myself in a large cave where the ceiling and walls are covered with amethyst and quartz crystals. I was curious about who the wizard was who showed up in the council, so I decided to speak to him.

K: White Wizard, I see I am in a crystal cave. This seems to be your cave. Are you Merlin?

White Wizard: I am an aspect of Merlin, as Merlin is a great wizard and has many manifestations of his energy. I am the light of the pure art of wizardry, the spirit of the wizard. This cave is our place of learning, in council discussions such as this. As I am the keeper of this cave, you, and the Drow, have invited me to join you this evening in this council discussion.

K: What does a wizard do?

White Wizard: A wizard transforms. I am the understanding that the true art of wizardry is about the journey. Becoming a wizard is just that: becoming, learning, journeying; it is not about the end goal, though often my energy is seen as the ultimate goal of the wizard. It is about experiencing every nuance of the journey along the way, never doubting for a moment that every experience is there to teach, is there for your own evolution and growth. The art of the wizard is the art of transformation, like the art of alchemy, and alchemy is an important understanding on the wizard's path. All experience and transformation happens within the crystal cave of the heart. That is why you have chosen this space for our meeting. It is the warm space of the heart. And you are here for transformation. There is something you remember from long ago when you came to study in this cave. What is it, child, that you remember, that is also the answer to your question?

K: All experience happens within my heart. All beliefs, all thoughts. All of you here before me, exist truthfully in my heart. I am the creator of my heart-space, I am the creator of my thoughts and my reality. I direct my own inner transformation. Alchemy. Turning lead into gold.

White Wizard: Notice there are no books on the shelves in here?

K: The ultimate lesson of alchemy is not learned through scientific exploration and books. The transformation ultimately happens within the heart. The 'lead' in my consciousness that weighs me down can be transformed within the heart cave to gold. Gold being the healing metal, and so, everything that I do, and have done, can be summed up as a healing exercise. Ultimately, it is all changed to gold, the healing light, all lead is transformed to gold. The way of this transformation is the Holy Grail. It is the Goddess Light.

Message from Mother Nature

Below is a message I was given by Mother Nature on December 8, 2005. While we have already moved through this time and evolved into the new, higher energy of 2006, I found that looking back on where we've just been has helped me to see this new time with greater clarity.

Message from Mother Nature

As you step into this new energy of December, you are beginning to see a clearer picture of the energy of the New Earth. You have spent the past few months shedding old patterns that no longer serve you. Now, you have a greater determination than ever before to move forward in your healing. You are beginning to see the path you must take with greater clarity. You can see that the path you must take is the path of your heart, of your truth. Edging around your truth is not working as well as it has in the past, because there is a greater need now to walk and talk what you've always been feeling in your heart.

It is important to remember that you are not alone. You are always accompanied by the unseen forces, and you are connected to other lightworkers through a web of love. This web strengthens every day. You can feel it now as a part of this new energy. In truth, the web of love is what has built the new level of vibration that you can now move into. You have built and strengthened this web together. Collectively, you have created this new level with your intentions. This is the power of your collective thought. This is how you are doing the shift. Those of us on this side of the veil can guide you as to the prevailing energies of the time, we can assist with building potential energy for you to experience within, but we cannot do the journey of shifting for you. We cannot create these new levels of consciousness for you or decide which dates will mark the transitions, it has to come as a response to a collective agreement by human lightworkers. See, then, what you have created, the wonder of it? And from this level, you will create the next. All of these events are happening because of a choice by human lightworkers to take the energy to the next level. It is a result of the collective thoughts of the lightworkers that are setting the pace for the shift.

Your prayers and meditations, your healing and clearing work, are strengthening the web of love. As each heart begins to heal, the web of love gets brighter and stronger. The web gives strength to those who choose to draw upon its deep well of love and healing. The third-dimensional world around you in the coming year will continue to be increasingly concerned over the environment and the weather, and the emotional issues of war and ethics. The emotions of the masses are experiencing a healing, and the place you will see more people coming to for healing is the web of love. The web of love is a place beyond the duality of the experiences of the third-dimensional Earth. Here, people will find balance and understanding, and a broader view that will help them move through their healing with greater ease and grace. The third-dimensional Earth will be going through lessons for the masses, while simultaneously the web of love is building the New Earth from the healing experiences of the collective consciousness of the emotional body of the planet. Awaken your healing abilities and trust your inner knowing, continue to find your truth and your heart's path, continue to love yourself more fully than you ever have before. Find the balance in any situation, the point of view that trinitizes and balances the extremes.


The Eye of God

"The Eye of God" - Hubble telescope image