Being Elven

Below I've quoted a comment from Miriam that she posted to my last blog entry. It's great and I wanted to share it with everyone.

It is so interesting for me to look back on my childhood and see the 'unusual' things I did, now in the light of being Elven. So many things make sense now. I'm fascinated that others have similar feelings. Though I feel far from 'home,' I am not really far from my kin.

From Miriam:
That is very interesting point.. The elven heritage.
I have also been told that I have some elvish(or other worldly) characteristics in me. I used to take those comments as insults. But when I grew up I learned that those "weird" streaks are part of who I am. Part of my elvish heritage.

The most prominent physical features I have are all "elvish". e.g large almond shaped eyes, pronounced cheekbones, very long and thin fingers and pointish ears. And when I was a child I knew I was different from other children at my age. At school I didn´t play with other children but ran instead to the woods near by to talk to a huge bird-cherry tree. :) He was my best friend at the time. He knew all my troubles and secrets.

I have always been very artistic and seek beauty everywhere. Especially the beauty of the nature and the night sky with stars constellations has inspired me very much.
I´m also fascinated by the magick, astronomy and use of healing crystals.

Fairytales are mostly based on truth because they come from the collective conciousness of humankind.
So there are people who are elvish and some are trolls, fairies, vampires and many, many more. ^^
Only few have discovered it yet because modern world with all hustle and bustle makes it hard for a person to discover their true self.

-Miriam V.


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