Message from Mother Nature - "I AM"

Message from Mother Nature through Kirelinn
January 31, 2006


Though you have collectively stepped into a new energy and a higher level of vibration, it may continue to appear that some of your old lessons are still unresolved. Issues may continue to come up for some time that are reminiscent of experiences and growth you have done in the past. Think of these now like echoes of your previous experiences. It does not mean you still have more to learn; instead, this is the time when all tools are known and available to you. You have everything you need based on all of the knowledge you have within your higher self. If a lesson reappears that you thought you had already healed, then now is the time to take that old issue and see how it reflects against your new level of awareness. See what effect the different tools in your toolkit have on it. How does it resonate with the Truth you now carry? What new understanding can you see reflected in this experience? Once you apply your toolkit to the recurring problem, you will see how far you've come in your evolution. You will know in which ways you are complete or incomplete with that lesson. You can then find the trinity of balance within the issue, and let it go.

If an issue continues to recur, all that may be missing from the healing and completion is for you to say: "I AM healed from that experience. I no longer need that lesson in my life. I have all the tools I need to solve the issue. I AM seeing through a new lens, with greater clarity and fuller love, because I have already evolved into a greater love for myself, I have already evolved through the challenge of that lesson and I AM now healed."

The last piece of the puzzle in your healing may simply be to say: "I AM healed." Say it out loud, even if a part of you feels you can't believe it right now, because simply saying the statement aloud in itself is a healing.

Many of you find yourself wanting to change direction. The issues and fears that may arise during this transition are only reflections or symptoms of this inter-space of change. They may simply be a fear of the unknown. Make clear, passionate "I AM" statement and let your choices be known to Creation. As you affirm your healing, doors will open that will present new opportunities for you.

Now is the time for you to complete all of the 'old lessons' that keep cropping up. It does not have to be difficult -- it can be a very simple matter. Resolving issues now will make your transition to your new awareness more smooth. Whether it's completing your business in one location before physically moving to another, or whether it's leaving old, detrimental thought patterns behind in order to make room for a new way of thinking, the process is the same: Make a statement in the Now that affirms your completion, and holding to your Truth, apply the tools from your higher knowledge to any imbalances that remain.

Have faith that you are headed in the direction of your passions, as your thoughts will create your world at a much quicker pace now You cannot be delayed or stopped as you have allowed yourself to be in the past. There are no barriers to your energies now. You are truly free to create. You are also free to experience the fullness of your creations, and see them to the completions that you intend. It is only left now for you to say: "I AM THAT I AM." It is your birthright of incarnation, and you have earned the right to evolve through your challenges by the very nature of your light and existence on this planet at this time.

Go fully into your passions. Do not look back, do not stumble again over rocks you have already turned over. They may appear to be new rocks in your path, but as you will see they are only reflections, memories, or echoes of past illusionary experiences or healing that has already been completed.

If your physical body is experiencing discomfort, the sure knowing in your heart that "I AM already healed" will bring this healing to bear in your physical world. Indeed, all pain, whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, is a reflection of an issue that has not been run through your complete toolkit yet. Ask yourself what tools you may have yet overlooked. Know that the pain resulted from an imbalance in your past. In the Now moment, there may be no stimulus for this illness, yet it is still held within your thoughts and therefore is manifest in your cellular consciousness and your present experience. Know that in this Now moment, you are already healed, as the Creator Light constantly forgives us in each moment anew.

If you're experiencing fear or imbalance anywhere in your four body system, make an affirming statement of "I AM," and then have faith that the healing is already on its way. When we hear a genuine statement from a person who is searching for their own healing, then that instant, we have already set the healing in motion. A message of light and love is already on its way, instantaneously. It is only then for the hearer to hear it. The receiver of the healing only has to decide to say "I AM healed," and the healing begins to enter their system. The amount of time it takes to heal is dependent on how many experiences the healee wants to experience before she completes the healing process altogether. This may be a time when she revisits the old lessons, runs them through her toolkit, and completes them. She has as much illusionary time to do this as she desires without judgment from our side. You are all free to create your own experiences and you have the leisure of a time system that is flexible to your own needs and desires.

Follow the truth of your heart of hearts. Run any fears, lessons, or imbalances through your vast toolkit of higher understanding. Know with certainty the truth of "I AM," and you cannot help but manifest all you desire.


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