Alchemy and the White Wizard

This is a message I received from the White Wizard on December 19, 2005. I had intended to dialog with the Drow Elves about how I could move through a stuck place in my healing journey, but when I contacted the Drow in meditation, I also saw a wizard sitting among the council. He had a (sort of stereotypical) long white beard and long white hair. When speaking with the Drow, I usually find myself in a large cave where the ceiling and walls are covered with amethyst and quartz crystals. I was curious about who the wizard was who showed up in the council, so I decided to speak to him.

K: White Wizard, I see I am in a crystal cave. This seems to be your cave. Are you Merlin?

White Wizard: I am an aspect of Merlin, as Merlin is a great wizard and has many manifestations of his energy. I am the light of the pure art of wizardry, the spirit of the wizard. This cave is our place of learning, in council discussions such as this. As I am the keeper of this cave, you, and the Drow, have invited me to join you this evening in this council discussion.

K: What does a wizard do?

White Wizard: A wizard transforms. I am the understanding that the true art of wizardry is about the journey. Becoming a wizard is just that: becoming, learning, journeying; it is not about the end goal, though often my energy is seen as the ultimate goal of the wizard. It is about experiencing every nuance of the journey along the way, never doubting for a moment that every experience is there to teach, is there for your own evolution and growth. The art of the wizard is the art of transformation, like the art of alchemy, and alchemy is an important understanding on the wizard's path. All experience and transformation happens within the crystal cave of the heart. That is why you have chosen this space for our meeting. It is the warm space of the heart. And you are here for transformation. There is something you remember from long ago when you came to study in this cave. What is it, child, that you remember, that is also the answer to your question?

K: All experience happens within my heart. All beliefs, all thoughts. All of you here before me, exist truthfully in my heart. I am the creator of my heart-space, I am the creator of my thoughts and my reality. I direct my own inner transformation. Alchemy. Turning lead into gold.

White Wizard: Notice there are no books on the shelves in here?

K: The ultimate lesson of alchemy is not learned through scientific exploration and books. The transformation ultimately happens within the heart. The 'lead' in my consciousness that weighs me down can be transformed within the heart cave to gold. Gold being the healing metal, and so, everything that I do, and have done, can be summed up as a healing exercise. Ultimately, it is all changed to gold, the healing light, all lead is transformed to gold. The way of this transformation is the Holy Grail. It is the Goddess Light.


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