Message from the Elven Council of Antasia

The changes you are seeing on your Earth right now are unprecedented. We wish to make a special point about this now, because you are going to see a tipping of the balance towards the light.

The healing that has not been completed will present itself at this time for completion. In the past, you were able to let problems lie until they could be better dealt with some time in the future. The future has now arrived.

As each healing opportunity presents itself, you will feel pressed to bring it to completion. Your higher self is aware of the nearness to the Great Shift, and is pressing upon you to finalize your loose ends, to bring forth your abundance and your dreams. Place your dreams in the forefront of your actions, and shine the light of love on them.

We wish to urge you to action at this time. A lot of weaving has been done in the higher realms and within your mental and emotional bodies. The energy is now available to bring it down into the physical world.

For this reason, as you have already been witnessing, your thoughts are able to manifest more and more quickly. When you see how each and every one of your thoughts manifests into your reality, you realize that you, and no one else, are the creator of your own world. There is nowhere to place blame when things do not happen as you'd like them to. Nothing outside of you has any influence on you unless you decide it will be so. You are blessed with the ability to create your world in exactly the way you see fit. You will attract helpers to you who will be there to help make your thoughts into reality, so choose to focus on the creative and empowering thoughts. Gently release any thought that no longer supports your dreams and evolution.

Your actions will draw helpers to you like a magnet. While your thoughts do govern your actions, nothing like action will get the attention of your guides as well as your human angels, who will rush to your assistance when they see the passion you are putting forth.

Speak the truth. In times of great inner and outer changes, your truth may change. Allow yourself a moment to think before you speak, and ask yourself if your words are in alignment with who you are now. Thoughts you had yesterday may not resonate with the new understandings you have come to today. With your words you are also a powerful creator.

Into the temple of your body, breathe light and love. Feel as each cell radiates light with crystalline clarity. Take in foods that nourish you and give you energy. Sugar and stimulants will cause your energy to rise and fall. Nutritious, light and live foods will give your body the even, long-lasting energy that will sustain you best during this time.

Give thanks for this time of healing, and love and honor yourself for the changes you are going through. Be good to your body, feelings, and thoughts, and open yourself to receive this goodness in return. Nurture your spiritual body with meditation and prana breathing. Fill yourself with light, and know you are free to create your world as you wish.


At 1/24/2007 8:07 AM, Anonymous Gothic vampire said...

I'm crazy about elves too! Aren't they fantastic? I alwyas loved fantasy and stuff...
My blog link (but it's on croatian)

At 4/26/2007 12:55 AM, Blogger Kirelinn said...

I visited your blog, wish I could read croatian. I loved the music.
The elves are indeed a beautiful race of beings.


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